District Committee & Meeting

A Scouting district is an optional geographical area within the local council, as determined by the Council Executive Board. District leaders mobilize resources to ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district’s territory. Members of the District Committee are volunteers. The district trains adult volunteers, provides district programs for units (such as Twilight Camp and Camporees), assists in the formation of new units, and helps coordinate the annual giving campaign.

District Chairman

The District Chairman is elected by the Charter Representatives and Members At Large, and approved by the Council Executive Board. The District Chairman leads the District Committee, initiates plans and helps committee chairmen carry out the functions of the district.

District Commissioner

District Commissioner assigns Unit Commissioners to individual units. The purpose is to provide guidance and resources to unit leaders and committees for organizing quality programs, and to address specific needs or issues as they arise.

District Executive

Serves as an advisor to the District Chairman & District Commissioner.


The Membership Chairman oversees all membership-related activities in the John Ross District. This individual is responsible for the creation of new Scouting Units throughout the district, and for supporting the membership recruitment efforts of existing Scouting Units.


The Finance Chair is responsible to oversee all fundraising and other financial aspects. They provide major oversight & leadership for the John Ross District Family Friends of Scouting Campaign, Popcorn Campaign, Camp Card Campaign, and all District-level event budgets.


The Program Chairman ensures that all Program sites are being properly served throughout the District. The Program Chairman oversees the Activities and Advancement sub-committees.


The Training Chair’s goal is to have 100% of unit leadership BSA trained in their position responsibilities, including but not limited to: IOLS, WLOT, BALOO, Leader-Specific Training, and to advise unit leaders on training needs and opportunities.


The District Advancement Chairman is responsible for assisting Units with
District Advancement & Advancement-related events, including but not limited to: Eagle Boards of Review, Merit Badge Counselors and assisting with Merit Badge College.


The Activities Chairman oversees all District-level activities and events in the District.

Camping and Outdoor Program

The District Camping and Outdoor Program Chair is in charge of overseeing all camping activities for the District. This position is responsible for advertising and marketing District-level events to all District Scouting Units.

Order of the Arrow

Serves as the John Ross Chapter Adviser for the Talidandaganu’ Lodge.

Monthly District Committee Meetings

Our district committee meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at Fort Oglethorpe United Methodist Church ( 1733 Battlefield Pkwy, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742 ). Consisting of chartered organization representatives (CORs) and elected district committee members, the district committee coordinates the functions of the district.