April Scoutcast: Scouts with Special Needs

Scouting can help children with special needs in many ways. Because Scouting is generally a group activity, it can help an youth with special needs learn peer related social and communication skills.

The Scouting program can also help teach those same kids the safe way to do many activities that they will use throughout their lives including first aid, cooking, team work, personal fitness and personal management.

While many scouting activities are physical in nature, they are designed to be challenging, but not impossible for any youth to complete.

Advancement and recognition are a strong part of scouting, but are set on an individual pace. It’s not a race and not a competition. Scouting encourages youth to reach difficult, but attainable goals.

This can help foster a sense of accomplishment and give youth something to be proud of.

Scoutcast for April