Did you forget about the POPCORN?

Friday is the deadline for putting in your orders for Show & Sell popcorn.

Every unit should be selling popcorn – NO MATTER THE AGE OF THE SCOUT.  Let me tell you why…

  1. By selling popcorn, you are teaching a Scout to earn his own way.
  2. By selling popcorn, you are teaching a Scout to interact with other people…people they do not know.
  3. By selling popcorn, you are teaching a Scout the invaluable skill of sales.  Were you aware that salesmen make a ton of money???

It is our job to teach a Scout to be thrifty.  We also need to teach them the financial responsibility of being able to pay for some of their scouting activities themselves.  By not selling popcorn, you are doing an injustice to the youth by having their parents pay for everything.  As an adult, you know this isn’t how things work.

If you need help placing the initial order, please contact me any time in the evening after 6pm EST.  I will assist you to the best of my ability.  You probably should start contacting local businesses and setting up some dates and times to get out there an sell.  If you need advice on how to sell popcorn, please contact Our Popcorn Colonel any time.