Changes in our district

So over the summer there were a few changes made in the Scout office.  First off, our district executive got promoted to District Director.  This is a fantastic opportunity for Barry’s skill to shine!  He will do a fantastic job.  He now oversees both our district and the Ocoee district.

Secondly, having made that announcement, Phil Garrett, the Ocoee district executive, has decided to leave us and start his own business.  We need to congratulate him and send him well wishes on his new endeavor.

Having said that….

Barry is going to be super busy for a while having to take care of two districts on opposite sides of the planet (or so it will seem that way to him).  As John Ross is full of excellent volunteers, we are all stepping up into our rolls head on as your district committee.  If you have any questions at all regarding anything Scout related, please feel free to contact the person who you think can help you the most.

I am including contact information for all John Ross district committee members.  If we cannot answer your question, we will get the information for you and get back to you (and that’s what we’ll tell you on the phone as well).

The idea behind this is to take some pressure off of Barry until someone is hired and trained to take over the Ocoee district.