January 2018 Roundtable

It’s a new year, time for a new you!
Time to make a change for yourself!  Commit to at least attending 4 Roundtables this year!

We are starting off our new year with a new District Executive!  Come tomorrow night to Roundtable and meet him!  I’m not dropping any names yet….so come on by.

Food will be available for a $5 donation.  Also there will be a special door prize available!

Also things that can change for you this year… LEADER TRAINING

There is all kinds of awesome training coming up.  Register now for Wood Badge!  Registration is available online.  This is the 100th Anniversary of Wood Badge so this is going to be a special course!  Come join in the fun and find out what critter you are! 

Speaking of training, register now for University of Scouting.  Don’t be late registering because the fee increases just shortly!  I have heard that there are a ton of new classes available this year.  Don’t forget, if you have a troop, there is youth training in ILST and Den Leader training along with some OA stuff for them.  They need to get registered as well! 

Now is the time to start collecting.  Donations will be turned in at Elizabeth Lee United Methodist Church in February.  More information to follow!

Keep in mind that in March, our District Camporee will be happening!  Registration will be opening up by the end of this week.  Register early!  Don’t wait until the last minute.