Ordeal Member: Next Steps

Now that you have finished your Ordeal there some things that you should know. Just because you have finished your Ordeal does not mean that all is said and done. You are needed to be an active member of Talidandaganu’ 293.

As an active Arrowman, we encourage you to participate in all OA related activities and events including:

  • Chapter Meetings
  • OA Fellowships & Socials
  • Service weekends
  • Work at and Promote Summer Camp
  • Ceremonies & Banquets
  • Lodge Executive Commitee Meetings (LECM)
  • Conclave

In 10 months you will be eligible to Seal your membership in the Lodge by taking your Brotherhood Interview and going through the Brotherhood Ceremony.

The National Order of the Arrow website also provides a “Jumpstart” section, which helps acquaint new arrowment with the Order of the Arrow.