Campership Information

No Scout should be denied access to great program due to financial need. A Scout is Thrifty, so the John Ross District does encourage a Scout to show that they are working to earn their way to camp, a training, or activity, but sometimes it’s not quite enough.

Through the generous donations from supporters of Scouting, our Council offers camperships and scholarships to those in need to attend summer camp, trainings, and High Adventure programs.

Campership applications do require Unit Leader approval, so make sure you communicate with them that you will be requesting funds. We reach out to Unit Leaders prior to the Campership Committee’s deliberation to get more information about Unit need.

Camperships are awarded based upon need, full completion of the application, and timeliness. The committee will review the applications and set award amounts. Once approved, the Council will notify families, and apply the award amount to the Scout’s event registration.

The Scout must be registered for the event that the request a campership for in order for the award amount to be matched and applied the balance. The Scout must stay current with the payment schedule for the event. In the case that a campership award is greater than the balance due when approved, the difference will be refunded.

Check out each campership and scholarship application below.

🔗 High Adventure Campership Request – (NOAC, Jamboree, Philmont, Florida Sea Base, The Summit, Northern Tier)
🔗 Summer Camp Campership Request – (Scouts BSA Resident Camp, Cub Scout Adventure Camp, Webelos Exploration Camp)
🔗 NYLT Scholarship Request
🔗 Wood Badge Scholarship Request