Cub N Partner

Here in the Cherokee Area Council, our Fall Cub and Family weekend is called Cub N Parnter, and it is a time to offer the Packs an opportunity to camp as a unit.

Most youth join Cub Scouting because of the outdoor activities.  Youth in this age group have a natural curiosity about their surroundings, especially the world out-of-doors.  Introducing these youth to the fun and adventure of Scouting in the outdoors will benefit them as they mature through the program. Their participation and enthusiasm will grow for continuing in the program into Scouting and beyond.

This fall’s theme is “Sleepy Hollow,” and we are excited about the activities we have planned! Unlike our Summer Cub Family Camp, rather than rotating through activity areas based on your campsite, Scouts will have the option of walk-up events, based on the schedule provided – this is to help families stay together.

There will also be plenty of free time for hiking and fishing!

The Campfire on Saturday is sure to be good fun, and we want Packs involved in the program, so let us know if your pack has a skit or spooky story they’d like to share!

Activities planned for the weekend are staffed with parents like you. If you would like to help with any of the activities, your leadership would be much appreciated! You can contact our District Camping Chairman for more information about serving during the event.

Register for Cub N Partner Weekend:

October 4-6 REGISTER HERE:
October 18-20 REGISTER HERE:
October 25-27 REGISTER HERE:

2019 Cub and Partner Weekend Camp Information

Parents must provide transportation to and from Skymont. You must park in the designated parking lot. COME AS A UNIT IF POSSIBLE.

Vehicles in Camp
Only authorized vehicles will be allowed in camp. No personal vehicles are allowed to stay in campsites. No one may ride in the back of a pickup truck. A Pack is allowed one pickup truck/trailer to transport gear to and from
campsites. Gear not in Pack truck or trailer will be loaded on camp trailers and taken to and from campsite.

Cub Scouts and Leaders are asked to wear Scout uniforms to the flag ceremonies, campfire and the non-denominational chapel service on Sunday. During activity times, Scouts may wear Scout t-shirts. Event t-shirts will be available for $12 at the Trading Post. Uniforms and t-shirts are available in the Scout Shop in the Service Center. Per BSA National Camp Standards, open-toe shoes and sandals are not allowed. (This includes Crocs)

Camp time is on central time. Check-in is at 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Friday. Opening ceremony on Saturday is at 8:30 AM. Check out is by 10:00 AM Sunday.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policies
Alcohol is prohibited at Skymont. We ask that you refrain from the use of tobacco products while on the reservation, but if you must use them, please use the area near the warehouse, do so in a responsible manner, and not within sight of any Cub Scouts. Cigarette litter must be disposed of properly and not left on the ground.

What to Bring
❑ Pumpkin per pack (Pumpkin Carving Contest)
❑ Carving Tools
❑ Candy
❑ Candy Bucket
❑ Costume (Tent or Treating)
❑ Hammer (for Arrow of Light, Webelos and Bear)
❑ Dry sleepwear
❑ Raincoat/poncho
❑ Soap and container
❑ Towel/washcloth
❑ Flashlight
❑ Uniform
❑ Comfortable outdoor shoes
❑ Trash bags
❑ Change of clothes
❑ Coat/sweatshirt
❑ Hat/cap
❑ Sunscreen
❑ Fishing Pole & Bait
❑ Cooking Gear (if cooking)
❑ Tent
❑ Sleeping bag and pillows
❑ Scout t-shirt
❑ Toiletries/toilet paper

Skymont Emergency Phone Number
(931) 692-3435

Sample of Activities
Field games
B-B guns
Camp Fun
Nature hikes

Refunds for this event will be granted in accordance with the Refund Policy of the Cherokee Area BSA. A copy of the policy is available on the council’s web site and at the Scout Service Center. Not following BSA National Standards or policies such as open toed shoes, alcohol, tobacco products, or firearms is grounds for dismissal from camp property without a refund.