After the Callout

Congratulations! Your fellow scouts have recognized you as being a scout with exemplary leadership skills. They look up to you and have voted to give you a very distinguished honor. Now, don’t let that honor go to waste. Its time to plan on attending your Ordeal.

The exact date of your particular ordeal will be given to you by the Ordeal committee. You might receive that information the night you are called out, or the information might be mailed to you. You will be assigned to take your ordeal at one of our lodge’s two work weekends.

When you arrive, you will need to go through a check-in process. If a parent drove you to camp, that parent should stay with you until you are done checking in.

Ordeal candidates will be required to submit a medical information form. Any scouts or scouters with medical or dietary needs should contact the council service center prior to the weekend to make arrangements.

Things that you will need for the weekend include: A set of work clothes including sturdy shoes or boots, your scout uniform, a sleeping bag, and a extra ground cloth.  You may also want to bring some money. All of your meals will be covered in the weekend fee. However, once you have completed the ordeal, you will have the opportunity to purchase members-only items such as additional pocket flaps.

Expect to work hard! Every ordeal candidate will be placed in a group that will be assigned to a camp improvement project that matches their abilities.

Expect to have fun! Once the ordeal has been completed, you will have the opportunity to attend Saturday night activities. There, you will get to participate in lots of different events, and you will get to decide which lodge committee you will join.

A message for Parents