Importance of the Chapter

The Chapter is the most important component in the Order of the Arrow because of its proximity to Arrowman and their Units. The Chapter is the rallying point for all OA activities.

Chapters provide more youth an opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership and to share in the responsibility of giving cheerful service to their Units and Districts. A healthy Chapter that improves year after year builds a solid OA program that benefits the Scouts and Units in the District.

Effective communications with the Units it serves is an absolute priority of the Chapter. In doing these things well, the Lodge becomes more effective through the success of its Chapters.

Chapters run like a small Lodge with basic Chapter committees – Camp Promotion, Unit Elections, Service, Program, Unit Elections, Native American, Communications, and Membership/Administration.

Chapter responsibilities:

  • Hold several meetings each year.
  • Supervise Unit elections in the district.
  • Conduct camp promotion visits to troops and teams Act as a rallying point for members going to Lodge activities.
  • Support parts of the Lodge program (e.g., ceremony and dance teams; Ordeals) Support specific jobs at Lodge activities
  • Provide support to Units, the District (e.g., camporee) and Council (e.g., Scout Fair) Conduct a service project
  • Support the Lodge Ordeals and/or hold a District Ordeal
  • Train ceremonial teams and conduct Arrow of Light, Call-out, Ordeal, and Brotherhood Ceremonies

Arrowman’s responsibility to the Unit

An Arrowman’s primary responsibility is to the troop or team and includes:

  • Setting the example. Serve by being the best example of the Scout Oath and Law Properly wearing the Scout uniform.
  • Providing leadership in your unit.
  • Take on more difficult leadership roles
  • Serving as OA Troop Representative. Assume the visible role in maintaining an effective relationship between his Unit and the Chapter and Lodge
  • Teaching skills to Scouts in the Unit.
  • Promoting camping traditions. Encourage camping. Go camping. Improve camping skills. Help new Scouts with camping skills. Attend summer camp. Promote unit camping traditions. Serve on Camp Staff.