What is the Ordeal

Membership in the Order of the Arrow consists of three levels: Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil.

In order to be a candidate for the Ordeal, Scouts and Scouters must be elected by the members of their troop (youth vote for youth, and adults vote for adults).

The Talidandaganu’ Lodge holds two Ordeals a year – Spring Ordeal and Fall Ordeal.  If you are a candidate and do not attend one of these Ordeals you will have to be re-elected next year. You may attend either Ordeal that you wish and the one that best fits your schedule.

Once scouts are selected as Ordeal candidates, they must seal their membership by taking part in an event known as “the Ordeal”. This event starts on a Friday night and continues until Saturday evening.

The ordeal is designed to challenge scouts and scouters, mentally. Will you work hard to make the camp as good as possible, or will you do the least amount possible? Will you deny yourself and put others ahead of your own desires? Will you show your true honor by keeping promises that you have made? These are all questions you will need to answer to yourself during the ordeal.

What to Expect at Ordeal

Be prepared to camp in the woods on the ground. Use the list of items in your Scout Handbook. A ground cloth, poncho or rain coat, flashlight, bug spray and sleeping bag are a few of the items needed.

  • Ordeal Candidates are NOT allowed to have tents or hammocks.
  • Ordeal candidates are NOT allowed to have snacks in the evening.
  • Be prepared to work on service projects at camp. Brings items such as work gloves, work clothes, boots, sweat rags, hats, and a water bottle.
  • Be prepared to arrive in class B Scout uniform.  Bring your Class A uniform for the OA Ceremony on Saturday evening.

Important Notice

Brotherhood Candidates and Members must be up-to-date on paid annual member dues. Dues are $12.00 per calendar year. Be prepared to pay dues upon checking in if not complete for this year, or pay them before you come using this link.