Cyber Chip: Earn & Recharge

What is the Cyber Chip?

The Cyber Chip is a BSA award initiated to help educate youth about today’s increasingly technologically prevalent world, and most importantly how to stay safe within it. The Cyber Chip is required for the Star Scout rank and the Programming Merit Badge.

You can find more about the Cyber Chip on the BSA website. There you will find complete instructions on how to earn the Cyber Chip.

Earning the cyber chip

In order to earn the Cyber Chip, you must complete a section on the netSmartz website. Follow the link corresponding to the grade you are in:

When you are done, email or see a unit leader to get it signed.

Recharging the Cyber Chip

The Cyber Chip must be recharged in every year after obtaining it for it to count for any requirements.

Once you have watched the video or read the article, you have recharged your chip. Get a unit leader to enter the date of recharge on the Cyber Chip card.