Merit Badge Counselor Requirements

Attention all Merit Badge Counselors – If you are registered with our Council, you also need to take the training!  Training is available online through  It has been offered many times in person, but yet people have still failed to show to this training.  Allow me to explain that as a Scoutmaster, if you are accepting merit badges from people who are not trained in their position, you are failing the boy taking the merit badge, as they are not meeting the guidelines set by National.

Scoutmasters, please take the time to figure out WHO your merit badge counselors are.  Double check that they are trained in their position.  If not, you need to either have them take the training online or remove them from your list of available merit badge counselors.  Any merit badge counselors who have not completed the training by August 31st will be removed from the system as a merit badge counselor on the council level.  This also means that if you, as a Scoutmaster, accept a merit badge from a counselor that is not registered, that there is a chance that the Scout may have to retake that particular merit badge.  This may seem unfair, but we MUST start following the protocol set up by National.

Athena Barta, who is in charge of the District’s list of merit badge counselors will be contacting those who have not been trained as of last Monday.  She will also be calling to verify that the list we have is up-to-date so that we may distribute this information to Scoutmasters.  

Steps for online training:
1.  Login to
2.  Click on the menu button in the upper left hand corner
3.  Click on my dashboard
4.  Click on requirements (This will take you to a screen that will list all requirements to be trained in the position for which you are registered.
5.  Click on the required training (This will open a new window for the online University of Scouting)
6.  Click on My Learning at the top of the page (This should bring up a page showing required trainings)
7.  Click on the item that you need to be trained in.
8.  Complete all the modules required for the training.

At that point you will be fully trained in a position.  If you have any questions about ANY of this, please feel free to contact me.